Who We Are

For more than 25 years, LPM has effectively managed a diversified portfolio of Condominium Corporations serving the Kingston and surrounding regions. We are a results-oriented firm where we benchmark ourselves on the success we provide to our Corporations. Our continued success is a direct result of the proven track record that stems from our education, experience, effective techniques, unparalleled professional conduct and transparent and ethical responsibility to our Board of Directors.

We pride ourselves on what we like to call, “the Condominium Lifestyle.” We strongly believe that effective management not only comes with just bricks and mortar, but also managing communities and homes. And we credit our high Owner satisfaction and client retention with our management style and our attention to detail.

We take managing your Condominium Corporations seriously, which is why our managers hold an RCM designation and are affiliated with other provincial and national organizations. Our on-going development ensures that our staff members are kept up-to-date on current legislation, maintenance techniques, legal and insurance issues and other aspects of the day-to-day condominium management function. We believe that this investment in our staff directly benefits our clients.

We have an excellent track record and respected in the industry due in part to our commitment to Board of Directors and Owners, specifically on our approach, presentation and employment of services. Furthermore, we have a hands-on approach, open communication channels, full transparency and knowledge and expertise to manage any style of Condominium. We also have a dedicated staff that handle the financial responsibilities of Corporations and pride ourselves on timely and accurate accounting reports, internal checks and balances and thorough accounts receivables and payables process.

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Mission / Values

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To provide exceptional service and set the standard in the property management industry, while maximizing Clients’ returns and minimizing his/her risks.

Our Values

Strong Work Ethic: We constantly strive to place an emphasis on quality service, reliability, attention to detail and professionalism.

Excellent Communication Skills: At Limestone Property Management, we pride ourselves on our effective communication skills. We’re active listeners, aren’t afraid to ask questions, provide as much feedback as we can, and are present when it matters most.

Transparency: We don’t have a hidden agenda, and we truly believe honesty really is the best policy.

Organizational Skills: Great service starts with great organizational skills; we think staying organized can save our clients both time and money.

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